What's SOAK

What's SOAK

What's SOAK?

'SOAK' is out of all relation to english word 'soak'. It came from Japanese word 'SOAKU', that means 'low-quality'. So, 'SOAK soft' means 'low-quality softwares'.

What is 'low-quality' software?

What is 'low-quality' software? I call my software 'low-quality', because it has following defects. It:

  • is NOT well tested.
  • has NOT common interface.
  • has NOT enough features.
  • is NOT well-documented.

and so on.

On the contrary, what is NOT 'low-quality'? It:

  • is entirely tested.
  • has perfectly common interface.
  • has completely full-featured.
  • is thoroughly well-documented.

All of commercial softwares should not 'low-quality'. But in reality there is no such software.

I think it's impossible to create 'perfect software'. Every software is updated because of having bugs, upgraded because of lack of features.

'low-quality' means 'not perfect'.

Why declare?

My softwares are created by myself for my needs. All of they are/were useful to me.

But, since they were unconsidered to be used by others, they are not always meet the needs of the user.

And they are not tested in many environments, because I have only few test environments.

From the above reason, I have to call my softwares 'low-quality', even if they are well-tested and well-designed as I can.

Meaning of release

Such software is generally called 'alpha' or 'beta'.

I can't get enough materials and stuff for testing the product, because of my software development is for pleasure.

Therefore, release to the public at the early stage of the development, intend to get response from users for bug-fix and improving usefulness. I need as many people, many environment as possible to use my software.

So, please feel free to use and send me report, suggestion, advice, impression and so on, to contact address for improving the quality.

Criterion for release

I don't release the software which has small demand because of limited uses, or unfit for public use because of missing features, or require out-of date environment.

What's SOAK