BCDEx (Bastard CD Extractor)

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BCDEx is a tool for CD-DA extraction. Also able to create various formats of music file, WAV/MP3/WMA/Ogg Vorbis/TwinVQ/AAC/MP4/APE/FLAC/IMG.


Don't use BCDEx to violate the rights of others.
  • Don't use with commercial CD which is not yours.
  • Don't give out created file to others.
Copyright© 2003-2012 by SOAK soft, All rights reserved. You can't distribute any copy of BCDEx without the prior consent of SOAK soft.


BCDEx is a tool for CD-DA extraction. Also able to create various formats of music file, WAV/MP3/WMA/Ogg Vorbis/TwinVQ/AAC/MP4/APE/FLAC/IMG. In order to create file, except WAV and IMG, BCDEx needs external programs.

  • In order to MP3 encoding, BCDEx uses GOGO.DLL, which is distributed by PEN@MarineCat and HERUMI, or Lame-enc DLL which is distributed from LAME Project. GOGO.DLL is available at @MARINECAT site. Lame-enc DLL is available at LAME Project site.
  • In order to WMA encoding, BCDEx uses Windows Media Audio Codecs. Currently ONLY version 9 is supported. Available at Microsoft Windows Media Home site.
  • In order to Ogg Vorbis encoding, BCDEx uses Ogg Vorbis DLLs. ogg.dll, vorbis.dll and vorbisenc.dll. Source code files are available at xiph.org site.
  • In order to TwinVQ encoding, BCDEx uses tvqenc.dll. Available at TwinVQ site.(closed)
  • In order to AAC/MP4 encoding, BCDEx uses libfaac.dll. Available at AudioCoding.com site.
  • In order to APE encoding, BCDEx uses MACDll.dll. Available at Monkey's Audio site.
  • In order to FLAC encoding, BCDEx uses libFLAC_dynamic.dll. Source code files are available at xiph.org site.
  • Some dlls are found at RareWares site.

BCDEx's BEST feature is correct TOC (Table Of Contents) by itself. Get and check disc TOC, if it is wrong, then correct it by using READ CD command's option data (Q Sub-channel).

So, BCDEx MUST use with CD-ROM drive that can read data precisely.

BCDEx can add track informations to output file. Only items of ID3v1.1 are available, but length is free.

Also able to retrieve CD data from freedb server.


Operating System:
Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7 (supposed)(and Windows 9x needs Adaptec ASPI Manager)

With ASPI Manager, basically only SCSI drives are supported, but using 'Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 miniport driver ASPI layer update' make ATAPI drives capable. Try it if you use Windows 9x and have only ATAPI drives (of course in case that ATAPI drives are not recognized). Or does Windows standard ASPI manager work well?

Runtime Libraries:
MFC runtime libraries (later than VC++ 6.0)

After v2.12.11 - MFC static libraries linked.

DLLs for encoding
CD-ROM drive:
Digital Audio Extraction capable drive is required (currently, BCDEx supports BEh and D8h Read-CD commands only).

After v2.11.10 - By using CDFS (IOCTL_CDROM_XXX), BCDEx can use more drives than ever. But this feature is VERY low quality and speed.

In order to retrieve CD informations from freedb server, internet connection is required.

Tested drives by SOAK soft

'TESTED' not means assurance of success.

After all, drive's accuracy determines success and failure.

OS abbr: WXPPro = Windows XP Professional, W2kPro = Windows 2000 Professional, W98SE = Windows 98 SE, WMe = Windows Me

  • PLEXTOR CD-R PX-W1210TA (ATAPI) [W2kPro,W98SE]
  • TEAC CD-C68E (ATAPI) [W2kPro,W98SE]

User reported capable drives

  • HL-DT-ST GSA-4040B (ATAPI) [WXPPro]

Thanks to smoking-man, SAKUSAKU and taka.

After v2.11.10 - Auto Reported Availability List


Update history


2.17.14 beta (2009/10/10) - upgraded by user request and some bug fix
  • UTF-8 text now available for ID3v2 tag.
  • OS version string for 7.
  • Subpath template feature is added.
  • Some short cut keys are now available.
  • Monkey's Audio (MACDll.dll) is supported.
  • FLAC (libFLAC_dynamic.dll) is supported.
  • IMG (Output image file that contains whole DA data of disc with cue-sheet file) is supported (except MultiSession CD).
  • Output format selection is now dropdownlisted.
  • Confirmation on 'Exit' and 'RegetTOC'.
  • Output Base Folder is now editable and history-able.
  • Some useless menu items are deleted.
  • Layout of main dialog is changed.
  • Images of toolbar button are colored. Captions are modified.
  • TOC information in log file is corrected.
2.16.13 beta (2009/09/09) - upgraded by user request and some bug fix
  • LAME setting page's UI is improved.
  • GOGO setting page's tab caption chaned to 'GOGO'.
  • Output folder setting page's UI changed.
  • Now Enter-key performs eject button.
  • Fixed incorrect handling of ID3v2 tag, and padding added.
  • WAV format depends on input (not 44100Hz only).
  • FAAC DLL (libfaac.dll) is supported.
2.15.13 beta (2007/12/31) - partial support for Vista (not released)
  • OS version string for Vista.
2.14.12 beta (2007/07/31) - upgraded by user request and some bug fix
  • Output folder setting is now saved and resumed.
  • Nonusable-characters in filename is now converted.
  • Some bug fix, which involved with ASPI manager.
2.13.12 beta (2005/12/31) - Lame-enc DLL supported and some bug fix (not released)
  • Lame-enc DLL is supported.
  • Also less privileged users are able to run by using ASPI Manager under Windows NT/2000/XP.
  • Read CD-TEXT feature is added.
2.12.11 beta (2005/09/26) - MFC static libraries linked
  • MFC libraries linked statically.
  • Authentication process of hidden option of bonus feature is revised.
2.11.10 beta (2005/09/20) - some bug fix and C2 Error Correction and ...
  • By using C2 Error Information, correction of read data enabled. But almost no drive makes meaning.
  • Under Windows NT/2000/XP?, enable to use CDFS (IOCTL_CDROM_XXX).
  • Under multi processor environment, incorrectly use of GOGO.DLL bug fixed.
  • Creating output file failed, then BCDEx aborted. bug fixed.
  • TOC correction feature is improved.
  • Tray open/close feature is improved.
  • Window attachment feature is added.
  • Class hierarchy revised.
  • Playtime display feature is improved.
  • Bonus feature is added (I do not explain about it).
  • Availability report feature is added.
0.0.9 beta (2003/09/30) - freedb local cache supported
  • freedb local cache is supported.
  • Tag data file load/save feature is added.
  • Edit Tag dialog unified.
  • Only in Japanese environment, Japanized.
0.0.8 beta (2003/08/31) - freedb and tray open/close supported
  • freedb supported.
  • Tray open/close feature is added.
0.0.7 (2003/08/01) - some bug fixed
0.0.6 (2003/07/31) - UI and play feature improved
  • Play feature is improved.
  • Use check box to select tracks to rip.
  • Anglicized.
0.0.5 (2003/06/30) - output feature improved
  • Gogo VBR encode is enabled.
  • WMA encode is enabled.
  • Ogg Vorbis encode is enabled.
  • TwinVQ encode is enabled.
  • IDv2 (only IDv1.1 fields) Tag is enabled.
0.0.4 (2003/05/26) - correct and extract feature improved
  • Drive read speed control feature is added.
  • Get Full-TOC feature is added.
  • Get MCN feature is added.
  • Get ISRC feature is added.
  • Track type also enabled to correct.
  • Enabled to modify the size of main window.
0.0.3 (2003/04/21) - correct feature improved
  • Correct process's performance is improved.
  • Enabled to abort correct process.
0.0.2 (2003/04/11) - ASPI handling improved
  • Reduce the number of SC_HA_INQUIRY times to a minimum.
  • Under the Windows NT/2000/XP?, BCDEx never use ASPI.
  • Force Update Disc (re-get TOC) feature is added.
0.0.1 (2003/03/31) - first release


Latest version (2009/10/10 released) is available from following link.

  • bcdex_2.17.14.lzh release halted (610 KB)

Request to users

I have only few drives, so BCDEx is less tested. So, please report your environment and result (success or failure) to contact if possible.


  • OS version
  • Drive information
  • result

and so on.

Screen shots (not updated)